This past weekend I went to the Houston Press Artopia 2011. I wasn’t quite blown away by the art there but there were a few that caught my eye. Plus they had free food and drinks so it made for good times. It was really crowded so browsing the art was a difficult task but I managed to snap a few shots of my favorites. Check them out!

A collaboration between Patrick Medrano and Katy Anderson.

Geraldine Gill (sorry I couldn’t find a website)

But I think the biggest highlight of our night was the show put on by Grandfather Child. They were absolutely amazing. We saw them start to set up but wanted to browse around a little more so we left but circulating back we caught a bit of their sound and had to stay for the rest of their set. They were really great and we wanted to purchase their cd right away but it doesn’t look like they have anything available yet. Just one song on their website. Don’t be fooled by the slow song they have available. They can seriously rock out!

Houston Press Artopia

Veggies, Shrimp and Snapper

January 28, 2011

I recently added some prints to my Esty shop. You may recognize them from my work, a calendar I had made while I was in school about seasonal local foods with a recipe for each month. I made these with a stencil, charcoal and watercolor. Everyone seems to enjoy them when they look through my work so I thought why not make them available just as prints? They are professionally printed with archival ink onto archival watercolor paper. I made three available as a series and two as singles. Go check them out here.

Tiny Bites

January 26, 2011

Houston Press ArtopiaI am so excited to announce that I just opened my own Etsy shop! It is named Tiny Bites and sells edibles, wearables, and hangables. Right now I have an assortment of cake ball truffles as well as the donut necklaces from my earlier blog. I plan to add more baked goods and other sweet treat jewelry as well as some screen prints. Please check it out here.

Judge a Book By Its Cover

January 24, 2011

I love reading. I don’t do it enough but I am constantly searching for new books to read. Unfortunately, I am guilty of only picking books whose covers I am drawn to. I know, I know. You’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover but it hasn’t hurt me so far. Of course, I read the synopsis to see if I am even interested but sometimes I find myself passing up a book because of its content only to be constantly drawn back to it because of its cover on online casino. Usually I give in to the need for owning pretty things and purchase it anyway, convinced that I could be more interested in the book than initial presumption. The following books are a sampling of my own inventory that I picked up solely on their cover art.

You’ll notice that I have duplicates of some authors because like their covers, their writing fits me. But more interestingly, of the twelve covers I have listed, I have read only six from cover to cover, three half way or less, and three I haven’t even gotten passed the first page. Many of the half way read ones I actually like and for some reason have had to put down. Then I forget where I was at and what was happening and it frustrates me to re-read things. Maybe when enough time has gone by to erase my memory of the half story I can pick up the book again. The unread ones, on the other hand, I don’t really know why I haven’t read them. Possibly because I sometimes buy two to three books at once and only read the first one. Then I make another trip to the bookstore and am resistant to resisting. What is it that draws me to these covers? Is there a pattern in what catches my eye?

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