Wrapping Presents

I am not a fan of wrapping paper. For the most part, I like to wrap my presents with whatever paper I can find that is big enough (butcher, craft, tracing paper or newspaper) and personalize it with tape or bows I have made myself out of magazine paper. But since it’s wedding season, a bit of vinyl is even better. For my cousin’s bridal present I used white craft paper and a simple silhouette with two colors of vinyl. What DIY gift wrapping ideas do you guys have? I’d love to see the pictures!
Wrapping Presents

My New Card

One of my first posts was about me obsessing over getting a new business card, specifically one that was letterpressed. Then I came across the Lifestyle L letterpress which I wanted immediately. I read many reviews about it and even entered a contest to see if I could win one. No such luck. So about two weeks ago I caved and bought one and ordered a plate for my business cards. I made the modifications to it that was suggested in the tutorial by Boxcar Letterpress and had decent results. I also bought my own ink and after many prints that I thought were fairly good I finally came to the right amount of ink to roll on and wow! I loved the results it gave me. Now, all I need is to find a way to make a custom die cut or a custom paper punch for the corner of my card. I’d like it to punch out the same shape as my yellow shape I use everywhere on this site. Any ideas?

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